Our Green Policy

Our environmental policy is oriented to the reduction of harmful emissions. A goal that we improve every year, thanks to careful planning of trips to reduce empty mileage, to the training of drivers with Autamarocchi Academy for safe and economical driving, and to technological and vehicles innovation.

We deploy one of the greenest fleets in Europe: more than 96% of Autamarocchi vehicles are in Euro 6 or Euro 5EEV class and we put on the road one of the largest European fleets of vehicles powered by Liquid Natural Gas Full LNG. These CNG vehicles are used for medium-distance transport: they have an autonomy of over 1,500 km and have allowed a drastic reduction of NOx, CO2 and PM emissions; also the noise is strongly reduced compared to diesel engines of the past.

We were among the first to put on the road this new vehicle for national medium-haul transport.
Protecting the environment is a choice which reaps awards
Our constant commitment to the environment in 2017 was rewarded with the prestigious Green Award at the ltalian Terminal and Logistics Awards in Piacenza. A recognition that fills us with pride and confirms the effectiveness of our work.
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Target achieved: ISO 14067:2018 Carbon Footprint

We are among the greenest companies in Europe, with a caring corporate culture and a policy oriented towards respect for the environment.
We have always been committed to studying the impact of our activities on the world around us in order to undertake a path of improvement: since 2008 we have been monitoring emissions and in 2013 we signed an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment that determined the company’s “Carbon Footprint” and planned its reduction program.

Our monitoring system measures harmful emissions produced by carbon dioxide or C02, fine powders and nitrogen dioxide. Autamarocchi’s commitment is to obtain accurate and verifiable data that will allow it to achieve ISO 14067:2018 certification. To achieve this goal we have undertaken three types of actions:

  • Investment in new vehicles in the lowest emission classes: more than 96% of vehicles in Euro 6 or Euro 5 EEV class.
  • Emissions reduction policy based on driver training.
  • Reduction of empty mileage (vehicle telemetry and driving style improvement software are essential elements of a green company policy).
  • In the decade 2011 – 2021 we have certified the reduction of CO2 emissions by 15%.
Discover our Green commitment
Development of driver assistance software for driving that leads to reduced emissions. Training and assisted driving courses with in-house instructors for green and safe driving.

Trip planning to reduce empty mileage between trips. Introduction of a maximum speed limiter from 90 to 85 Km/h (for a 2% reduction in consumption). Maintenance of vehicles and use of environmentally friendly tires and pressure under control. Careful planning of trips to reduce empty mileage. Parking lots equipped with columns for the connection of Reefer Containers to the electrical network during the night.
We design transport services in ways that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

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Take a look at our Path to the Environment

A long journey, made of dedication and determination, which has allowed us to build a green fleet among the most progressive and makes us one of the most environmentally conscious companies in the industry.

  • In 2005 the real time monitoring of harmful emissions of all fleet vehicles was started.
  • In 2009 we realize the first CO2 monitoring project, defining at the same time a three-year plan to reduce harmful emissions.
  • In 2011 we introduced economic and ecological driving style evaluation systems.
  • In 2013 Autamarocchi was the first to sign a voluntary agreement with the Ministry of Environment, the “Carbon Footprint”, in view of the ISO 14067:2018 Certification, which allows us to limit CO2 emissions.
  • In 2016, our fleet is 96% EURO 5, EURO 5 EEV and EURO 6.
  • In 2017, the fleet is expanded with Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) vehicles, which allow us to drastically reduce the release of CO2 into the air.
  • Since 2019 we have certified our GHG emissions with the prestigious Certiquality institute according to the ISO 14067:2018 Carbon Footprint standard.
  • From 2022 we will only have Euro6 or Euro 5 EEV vehicles in our fleet.

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