A remarkable story that began in Udine in the early 1900s with a family business, then AUTA and since 1986 Auta Marocchi S.p.A.
It was the vision of entrepreneurs who were able to anticipate the needs of a growing market both in terms of volumes and in the need to have a leading player organized on a national scale and able to dialogue with a globalized clientele.

A real transport company was born with its own fleet, dependent drivers, branches in all major ports and interports and above all an innovative organization that immediately places it in the position of “Market Leader”.
An important step was the merger of two competing companies active in container transport, Auta Container Service S.p.A. and Marocchi S.p.A. A new reality was born with a great development programme in the container sector.
Expansion of the network to the main Italian freight villages
We open the Padua branch, expand our Italian network and enter the intermodal transport sector, becoming an MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator).
We widen the range of services offered by introducing FTL (Full truck load) transport both nationally and internationally.
We are the first in Italy to introduce multifunctional trailers for the transport of 20, 30, 40 feet containers with the same "extendable" semi-trailer.
We develop the container terminal sector by creating a network with depots in Trieste, Genoa, Venice, Padua and Livorno. The activity is mainly focused on the Shipping Companies and is strongly integrated with the container transport. We expand our integrated logistics activities with facilities in Padua, Trieste and Udine.
First transport company in Italy to use the "cell base" localization in collaboration with TIM SpA. The project is officially presented at the Infomobility 2004 event in Turin.
Opening of Portogruaro Interporto S.p.A. (subsidiary company). Internationalization of our markets with the creation of companies in Hungary and Slovenia.
The satellite localization project evolves, entirely developed in house, integrated with the transport management software and the on-board computer of the vehicle.
Opening of the Track&Trace portal, which allows our customers to monitor the shipment status of goods in real time. Started the collaboration with UirNet SpA, where Autamarocchi plays a key role in the start-up and growth of the National Logistics Platform of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
Autamarocchi starts the "Green" policy with the detection of CO2emissions and their reduction program. Autamarocchi Academy" is launched, the training activity of drivers for an economic and safe driving.
Autamarocchi lines up the largest Italian fleet equipped with Genset vehicles for powering and transporting reefer containers. We are the first in the sector to install GenSet on tractors and we specialize our workshops in their maintenance.
OBCs (on board computers) are installed on all of our vehicles in order to integrate them into the computer system that controls the transport process. Created on the basis of the Blackberry smartphone platform to which the on-board printer is also connected.
Inauguration of the Control Room, the innovative control room that with its 8-meter video wall allows to constantly monitor the transports and to guarantee the highest standards of service and safety.
First and only company in Italy to enter into a voluntary agreement with the Ministry of Environment to monitor and reduce harmful CO2 emissions. Aware of our social responsibility but also that a virtuous company pollutes less and wastes less. "Autamarocchi Logistica Doo" is born in Rijeka, Croatia, in a growing port destined to play an important role in the North Adriatic towards Central European markets.
The Control Room version 2.0 is introduced, which allows the real-time monitoring of routes and the analysis of waiting times at the entrance of terminals. Launch of new special services, such ashigh-value, high-risk cargo transport (HVHR). Special "Pharma" services that combine the great experience in the transport of Reefer containers with those HVHR (high value high risk), in compliance with the regulations of the two sectors but always with services "tailored" to our customers.
The company grows its presence in the markets of Central Europe, after Hungary and Slovenia, Autamarocchi Gmbh is born in Graz, Austria. A network that completes the "North Adriatic Gate" project, dedicated to central Europe through a transport network that links it to the ports of Trieste, Koper and Rijeka.
Starts the "Android" revolution in the management of communications between the Control Room and our drivers who are now equipped with a new OBC (on board computer) based on a smartphone HW and Android SW. The new system allows, among other things, the digital signature of the receiver, the transmission of photos and documents, acts as a back up of the tracking system and keep the function of printing documents on board. An important renewal of the fleet with very modern vehicles and all in Euro 6 class. There are 120 vehicles in one year and among them the first 20 IVECO STRALIS NP (Natural Power) vehicles, powered by liquid methane, true champions in reducing emissions. For its environmental policy, Autamarocchi wins the Green Award at "Italian Terminal and Logistics Awards" in Piacenza. FTL transport becomes more and more intermodal. Not only by rail with the new semi-trailers type "Huckepack" but also "Short Sea" to connect Southern Italy and Mediterranean to Northern Europe. The network of container depots grows with the opening of the Terminal of Pioltello (Milan) and the HUB of Pontenure (Piacenza).
In the first months the "Android" project is finalized with the complete distribution to the drivers of the smartphone with the company App. The purchase of further 20 Iveco LNG tractors make Autamarocchi the largest LNG fleet in Italy. Autamarocchi, through the integration of its ICT systems with those of its customers becomes the standard-bearer of logistics 4.0.
New frontiers in transport: Turkey with the Highways of the Sea. Our organization for a "Door to Door" service, all inclusive, with the use of the first 200 modern intermodal semi-trailers type Huckepack P400, geolocalized, with coils pit, and an organization focused on the ports of Trieste with destination Pendik (Istanbul), Mersin and Izmir.
The renewal of the fleet increases the one dedicated to the transport of Reefer Containers. 50 Mercedes New Actros will be delivered in March-April 2020, all equipped with the latest generation of GenSet made on Autamarocchi project. The fleet equipped with GenSet is now 210 vehicles to consolidate a great service offer in container transport and the market leadership.
The "Combined" service Italy - Turkey and Greece is consolidated with the opening of new branches in Istanbul and Izmir.
2021 is above all, the year of the development of intermodal with the new lines to Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia. With the intermodal, the fleet of Huckepack-type semi-trailers, including mega ones, is growing and now numbers 400.
A year of great growth, driven by combined maritime transport and European transport which was further strengthened by the establishment of our new subsidiary Autamarocchi Sp. Z o.o in Lódz, Poland.

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