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It is not enough for us to be among the main protagonists of transport in Italy. We are already the partner of the major Shipping Companies, Global Forwarders and Industry, but we want to be the right partner for your company too. Transport is increasingly integrated with other segments of logistics and production: it is essential to better manage the flow of information that accompanies and anticipates the transfer of goods. This is logistics 4.0 to support the Supply Chain.
Integrated System
Tomorrow’s technology integrated into your management system. “Research & Development” ​is one of Autamarocchi’s strengths. It’s not just one sector, it’s an idea which involves everyone to realize vanguard services to benefit your competitiveness. For this reason we have completed the automation of connections with the IT systems of our clients. This way we can speed up the flow of information with you as well, acquire the orders and send the invoicing documents for maximum efficiency and greater productivity. We grow with you.
autamarocchi integrated system
Integrated Transport System

Intelligent transport technology.
With the Intelligent Transport System, entirely developed in-house, we have eliminated paper documentation in each internal process, monitoring our fleet in real time creating instruments which allow us to monitor all parameters including consumption levels.

autamarocchi transport management
autamarocchi fleet management
Fleet Management

The “core” of the Trieste control room has a big videowall with 18 control panels; to have everything always under control.

This core perfectly summarizes the big investments which Autamarocchi has made in the control and optimization of the processes.

The entire platform of the fleet management is based on the automatic monitoring of the processes, on the complete “paperless” sharing of information, in addition to a series of in-house software implementations to simplify procedures, leaving the software to check all obligations, expiry dates and parameters for merchandise transportation.

The integration of the company IT system with the external frameworks like port companies or client companies, complete this philosophy on the automation and monitoring of information by the implemented software.

Track and Trace

Tracking the location and status of the company’s fleet is the foundation from which our current fleet management has developed.

Processing these data has allowed us to reach various objectives:
  • Transparency about the distances traveled by the end customer, proving them via a web portal ( the tracing of their cargo in real time;
  • Prediction of arrival and delivery times, management of the driving and resting hours of the drivers in compliance with legal regulations, optimization of resources;
  • Integration with the acceptance systems of port terminals but also with the “loading and unloading windows” of logistics platforms and manufacturing plants;
  • Creation of a single operations center for vehicle management, which uses vehicle localization and automatic monitoring of ongoing activities as a key point of operation. The information deduced and processed by the on-board systems thus offers objective data shared with all operators at headquarters and in the branches.
autamarocchi track trace
autamarocchi telemetria bordo
On board telemetry
The access to the CAN-BUS (Controlled Area Network) protocol, present on all the vehicles of the company fleet, allows to transmit the main operating parameters of the vehicle directly and in real time to the servers of Autamarocchi’s operations center.

A remote monitoring system on the state of the vehicles, developed internally, has been the fundamental prerequisite for the creation of the Driver’s Academy for the training of the drivers’ driving style. The continuous training of the travelling personnel allows to improve the safety on the road, to optimize the consumption of the vehicles and consequently to reduce their emissions.

Web Tracking
Track&Trace is our tracking portal dedicated to our customers, which allows the monitoring of goods in real time: departure and arrival, loading and unloading.
A unique service that represents a guarantee of transparency for each type of transport but also a useful tool to provide reliable forecasts on the arrival time of the vehicle.
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